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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep71 — Surveillance Panic with Jackie Singh

Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep71 — Surveillance Panic with Jackie Singh

Cybersecurity professional Jackie Singh gives us deep background on her keynote speech exposing an internet hate cult and how we need to find ways to defend people from harms of digital black holes
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I had a great conversation with Investigative Journalist Heidi Cuda! Gain a bit of personal insight into my mind and hear us chat about the larger issues of the day, including my recent research. -

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Before you listen to this incredible interview with cybersecurity professional Jackie Singh — a veteran and cybercrime investigator who served as the Lead Incident Response and Threat Analyst on the Biden-Harris 2020 campaign — I need you to listen to her keynote speech:

After you’ve had your mind blown by her work exposing an internet hate cult and the impact her work likely had encouraging the FBI Domestic Terrorism Task Force to create swatting tracking capability, take a moment to read her report on SAAPP. She devised the acronym to put words and form to targeted disinformation campaigns. As she explains on her Substack, there’s been a proliferation of harmful online behaviors designed to silence people — Strategic Attacks Against Public Participation (SAAPP). SAAPP attacks damage reputations, isolate the victims, and scare people into retreating from public life and discourse. She also noted how these SAAPP attacks are linked with surveillance panic — not knowing where to go and who to reach out when a targeted person is in a state of fear due to vulnerabilities of potentially compromised systems.

Hacking, but Legal
From SLAPP to SAAPP: Evolving Tactics in Silencing Public Voices
In recent years, a proliferation of harmful behaviors and incidents in public spaces has challenged the traditional boundaries of discourse and engagement, yet these phenomena have not been adequately captured under existing terminologies which are widely understood and accessible to laypeople…
Read more

After you’ve listened to her keynote and read her above report on SAAPP, please listen to my interview with her on Bette Dangerous Podcast 71 — Surveillance Panic with Jackie Singh.

Singh tells the Bette community about childhood bullying and the impacts that had on her sense of justice and empathy.

She helps us navigate these digital black holes and offers personal solutions to finding relief when attacked by teaching us how to put the attackers into buckets — separating those who are politically, ideologically, financially, and psychologically motivated. She says to try decouple and decenter attacks from one’s own true identity and to think like an analyst. She also recommended to keep receipts, and to support those who are victimized by disinformation attacks.

Digital Black Holes

We’d like to tell you that help is on the way, but at the moment, we can’t. These attacks are occurring all over the world, and people are left to deal with the psychological battery on their own. There is very little protection, if any at all. The social media platforms are simply protecting their corporate brand and profits, not the people harmed by the lack of regulations on data privacy and cyberstalking.

The United States is deeply lacking on data privacy and the reason is money, says Singh.

The bottom line, Singh says, is know that you’re not crazy.

Because I have built a community of people who bravely tell truth in a time of mass deception who are also targeted, I am comforted by my community on my worst days.

Jackie Singh is my community. On a bad day, I called her and she said, “Why do you care what people say about you who don’t love you?”

I thought that was a magnificent point. Quite frankly, my dear, I no longer give a damn. Instead, I get up each day and do the work of exposing the global fascist network.

Have a listen to the brilliant and brave Jackie Singh, and let’s all do good things.


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