EXCLUSIVE: Voter Fraud by Madison Cawthorn’s Cousin-Employee-Boyfriend?

EXCLUSIVE: Voter Fraud by Madison Cawthorn’s Cousin-Employee-Boyfriend?
Photo Credit: Stephen Smith/Facebook

EXCLUSIVE: Felony Voter Fraud by Madison Cawthorn’s (Cousin. Employee. Boyfriend?)

Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be another scandal…

Madison Cawthorn, the Republican elected representative whose frequent inappropriate, illegal, and immoral behavior cause millions of Americans to shake their heads in disgust, is now embroiled in a new scandal relating to payments made to a family member.

But wait, there’s more.

Just yesterday, WRAL out of Raleigh, North Carolina posted a bombshell:

WRAL explains:

  • Cawthorn paid his second cousin, Stephen Smith, $141K since 2020 from both taxpayer and campaign (donated) funds.
  • He was first listed as a congressional office scheduler between Jan-Aug 2021, then later changed roles to become his Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Aide, working in this position between Aug-Dec 2021.
  • For the second role as ADA Aide, he was not listed under Cawthorn’s office personnel section as he was with his previous role.
  • The payments were addressed to Smith at a Hendersonville address.
  • The address matches that of Cawthorn’s, state voter registration records show.

This new information comes on the heels of an ethics complaint filed against Cawthorn via the Office of Congressional Ethics by political opponents at the Muckrackers PAC, also known as “Fire Madison”.

The complaint alleges various types of misconduct (including potential violations of campaign finance law), much of which has been documented in the media, and further implies a sexual relationship exists between the two men based on their alleged cohabitation, public social media posts, a video, and Cawthorn’s previously public Venmo transaction history.

Mr. Smith apparently lives with Rep. Cawthorn and various social media postings by them indicate a personal relationship between them, separate and apart from the professional relationship of employer and employee.

These are the specific textual references to Smith in the complaint:

Excerpt, Page 1, Allegations of ethics rules violations by American Muckrakers PAC.
Excerpt, Page 2, Allegations of ethics rules violations by American Muckrakers PAC.
Excerpt, Page 2, Allegations of ethics rules violations by American Muckrakers PAC.

In response to these allegations, SKYline News, a highly partisan publication hailing from Asheville, Cawthorn’s political stomping grounds, published a rebuttal from Smith on their Facebook page:

Credit: SKYline News/Instagram

Whoops! 😳

Dear Reader,

The specific quote I would like to draw your attention to is this:

In the article it falsely states that he and I live together today and that I lived with him while he was married. That is a lie. Before Congress, we were roommates and once he became engaged, I then moved out. Yes, my voter registration is still under that address, however I am renting elsewhere.

Unfortunately for Smith, this appears to be a clear admission of guilt.

Credit: Madison Cawthorn/Instagram

Per the above Instagram post, Cawthorn became engaged on December 28, 2019.

North Carolina’s voter records are public data, so we can see that not only are David Madison Cawthorn and Stephen Lawrence Smith currently registered at the same address, Smith voted three times the following year without changing his address.

Voter records for Cawthorn and Smith from the NC State Board of Elections.
Voting history for Smith from the NC State Board of Elections.

Smith is also registered to vote in the North Carolina primary in 10 days on May 17th… for which he has already returned the ballot — which may now need to be invalidated by the Board of Elections, and a new ballot returned if Smith’s vote is to be counted.

Absentee ballot history for Smith from the NC State Board of Elections.

In fact, it is possible that Smith may have voted in elections in which he was not legally eligible to vote, and perhaps (I am not a lawyer!) also committed multiple counts of one or more felonies in the process.

Excerpt from form to request an absentee ballot in North Carolina.
Excerpt from the same form.

Since both Smith and Cawthorn’s absentee ballots were submitted in person on the same date, it also seems quite reasonable to assume Cawthorn is aware of Smith voting from his address.

Therefore, the question remains…

Has Smith actually been living elsewhere since Cawthorn was engaged in late December 2019? Or is he simply lying about cohabiting with Cawthorn?

For their sake, I hope it’s the latter.

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